Board Planning Retreat

Can a small town chart its own destiny as it grows? That question was on our Councilmembers' minds as they gathered for their annual Strategic Planning Board Retreat in March, 2022. This year's Retreat was led by Chris Aycock, President of The Aycock Group.  

The purpose of the Board Retreat is to set the direction of the Town's goals for the upcoming fiscal year and occurs before the preparation of our budget. Councilmembers spend their time at the Retreat coming to a consensus on the upcoming year's priorities and goals. The 2022 priorities were economic development, quality of life, infrastructure, and staff support. We are happy to report that all of our priorities were accomplished. We developed a comprehensive Downtown Master Plan to encourage growth while respecting the small town atmosphere, developed a Business Recruitment Package, developed a draft sewer extension policy, created a list of available commercial properties, and hired a Lead for North Carolina Fellow to expand capacity while respecting our budget bottom line. 

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