Starting a Business

Early Considerations for Your Business

We want to help your business succeed. Boiling Springs is the home to many types and sizes of businesses. Before leasing or purchasing a property, you should contact the our planning staff to discuss your plans. 

Things to Consider:

  • What area of town are you considering locating in?
  • Do you want to build a new structure or lease an existing space?
  • Are you thinking about working from your home?
  • Is the zoning of the location appropriate for the proposed business?
  • Will you need to renovate the interior and/or exterior of an existing building or space? 
  • Will there be enough available parking on-site? 
  • Are there requirements from other agencies, such as food safety permits/inspections?

Help Getting Your Business Off the Ground

Cleveland County has been a Certified Entrepreneurial Community since 2016. This means Cleveland County has a deliberate network of people and resources set up to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into local businesses. The Cleveland County Certified Entrepreneurial Community website to help connect you with the resources, assistance, and regulators you will need while starting your business.