Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming refers to devices and practices intended to slow or reduce vehicle traffic. Generally, the Town prefers targeted traffic law enforcement over the use of physical traffic calming measures. Residents are encouraged to report speeding or reckless driving in your neighborhood to the Boiling Springs Police Department at 704-434-9691 or using our online traffic complaint form.

Speed Bumps

Currently there are no speed bumps on any town maintained streets. Any speed bumps around town are located on private roadways. Speed bumps are expensive to install and maintain, they inconvenience law abiding motorist and impede the response of emergency vehicles, and they generate a lot of complaints. In towns where they install speed bumps, the residents who initially requested the speed bump often wind up disliking them. For these reasons, the Town has historically not embraced speed bumps as an effective means of traffic calming.

Specialty Signs

Occasionally the Town receives a request for a specialty sign such as a "Children at Play" sign. Some of these signs are still mounted around town as they were a common fixture in the past. Many municipalities no longer embrace these signs as an effective traffic calming measure. If Town officials believed these signs made children safer, we would install one on every corner. Unfortunately, there is no compelling evidence indicating these signs reduce vehicle speeds or make drivers more attentive. To the contrary, these signs are condemned by most professional organizations and regulatory agencies. The town does not embrace the use of specialty signs such as "Children at Play" and other similar signs.