Water & Sewer

Water and sewer utilities are both overseen by the Public Works Department. Information about your utility bill is available under the Utility Billing section of the website. Annual compliance reports on both the water and sewer system can be found in the Transparency section of the website.


The Town of Boiling Springs’ provides water utilities to approximately 1,700 customers using a water distribution system that consists of over 15 miles of distribution lines supplied by a 200,000-gallon elevated water storage tank and booster pump station. Line sizes range from 2-inch to 16-inch and consist primarily of PVC with small sections of cast iron and galvanized pipe. The Town currently purchases all water from the City of Shelby which is transmitted to town through a 16-inch ductile iron supply line.

The Town’s Public Water Supply Identification (PWS ID) number is 01-23-023, and Annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) are located in the Transparency section of this website.


The Town of Boiling Springs’ sewer collection system consists of approximately 27 miles of gravity sewer lines and lift stations. The original system was installed in the 1930’s. Various extensions and upgrades have been completed since the original installation. It is estimated that approximately 7 miles of the total 27 miles of gravity line is constructed of clay pipe which resistant to corrosion but very susceptible to breakage and root penetration. Because the inflow and infiltration of rainwater into the collection system can overwhelm the system causing spills and raises consumer costs, the town has aggressively addressed the issue through identification and replacement of problem areas over the last 10 years.
The sewer collection system was first installed in the 1930’s and with USDA grants, treatment facilities were built in 1960. In 1991, due to the community’s growth, sewer flow began exceeding the Town’s treatment capability and the plant was upgraded in 1997. Today the plant has a 600,000 gallon-per-day capacity and operates using an automatic bar screen, ultra-violet disinfection system, ultrasonic effluent flow meter, and has an office and basic lab facility on site.

The plant operates under NPDES Permit Number NC0071943 and discharges effluent into Sandy Run Creek (Class C Waters) in the Broad River Basin. An annual report for the Town’s wastewater system can be found in the Transparency section of this website.

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