Sewer Extension Proposal


In the early 1990's, a moratorium was placed on new connections to our wastewater system. However, development was still allowed to occur, and homes were connected to Town water but built with septic tanks. This accounts for a large portion of the homes built within city limits (e.g. Homestead) and many septic tanks built during this burst of development are reaching the end of their useful lives. Septic tanks have an average life expectancy of 20-30 years if maintained as required and pumped every 3-5 years. 

Overview of Changes:

At the January Regular Council Meeting, Town staff presented an amended version of Chapter 50 Water and Sewer Regulations of our Code of Ordinances. Broadly, the proposed new policy for sewer extension to developed property in-town will institute a petition process for residents to request the extension of service. The Town will then contract with an engineer to conduct a feasibility study of the project as well as estimate the cost and develop potential line routes. This report will then be sent to the Petition Review Committee, created by the adjusted ordinance, to dig into the details and help calculate the cost that will be assessed against each individually benefited property. They will provide a recommendation to move forward with the project or to end the process. If Council approves the recommendation, work will begin, the extensions will be install, and benefited properties will be assessed for their proportional share of the project. 

Where are we now?

Council requested that Town staff conduct a Public Input meeting to receive feedback on the proposed amendments. A video of the February 28 Public Input meeting can be found here. A link to the PowerPoint given at the meeting can be found here.

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